Frequently Asked Questions

What are you fees? - Fees vary depending on location and type of appraisal. To get a fee quote you can email quote@areappraising.com or to speak with a representativecall toll free (888) 661-AREA (2732.

What is your coverage area? - We cover the following counties: KERN

Where are you located? - Our buisness office is located in California.

What is your turn time? - 2-3 days from inspection.

How can I place a new order? - By sending us an email at orders@areappraising.com or fax (866) 331-6890.

Do you accept credit cards? - Yes.

How do I become a AREA Appraiser? - If interested send an email to appraisers@areappraising.com.

For more information or to speak with a representative call (888) 661-AREA (2732).

How do I become a AREA Client? - Call (888) 661-AREA (2732) or send us an email at info@areappraising.com.




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